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Ignition won’t turn

If you’ve been driving for a couple of years, you will know that your key not able to turn the ignition could be one of the most frustrating problems that you may have to face. When this happens, you could become frustrated and waste more than enough time trying to get it to work. There are certain things to do to ensure that it works.

  1. Have the steering wheel turned;

According to experts, the most common reason why your key won’t turn the ignition is probably that the steering wheel has been locked. Your steering wheel could be locked if you move it after the car key has been removed from the ignition cylinder. What you should do;

  • You have to turn the steering wheel to both the left and right directions
  • While you have done that, you have to note which of the direction the wheel cannot be turned to. Also, note the direction that has the “give.”
  • Have the steering wheel pulled in the give direction, then hold it there.
  • Have the key turned towards the direction of the accessory at the same time keeping the wheel turned.
  • If after doing these and nothing happens, you are advised to rock the steering wheel as the key is being turned.
  1. Have the lock lubricated;

Another reason that could make the ignition not to turn is that the ignition cylinder has been jammed. If this is the case, it is advised that you simply have the lock lubricated. When lubricating, it is advised that you make use of a silicon or even a graphite based lubricant. These lubricants are chosen simply because they are not capable of drawing dust or other particles in the long run.

  1. Have the key fixed;

Another problem that could make the ignition not to turn is the key itself. Fixing the key could just be the perfect solution. If the car is broken, not to worry, there are tons of ways you can have your broken key fixed.

When it comes to fixing your car key, the most crucial aspect would be to find out why the key isn’t working in the first place. When you find out why the key isn’t working, you will be able to discover the numerous ways the problem can be solved.

Having an expert examine your key, and the ignition cylinder is actually the best way to fix the problem. They would advise you on which of the options that should be taken.