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Ignition Replacement

Basically, an ignition switch could be referred to as a switch that operates an engine’s starter system at the same time controls the power source of most of the electronic devices that are found in vehicles. While most of the ignition switches work by turning a key, most have the push button. With the increase in theft in the world, most of the ignition switches have been integrated with the newest technologies to ensure that all conditions are met before it starts. Although most people do not know that an ignition switch gets faulty, they will find it surprising to know that it could get faulty, thus, making it difficult to start. We will discuss some of the symptoms that you should look out for in your ignition system. These symptoms include;

  • If you have an ignition that is difficult to turn, then, there is every chance that it is faulty and in need of attention.
  • If you have an ignition switch that does nothing even after it has been turned

Often times, these issues are caused by jamming or roughly handling it. While most drivers would definitely have experienced either of these problems mentioned above, they leave it to chance and struggle to get the car to move. When these slight faults are not attended to, it makes it extremely difficult to fix in the long run as the switch would have deteriorated beyond recognition. It is advised that you when you notice any of these signs, hiring the services of a locksmith would be the perfect choice for you. Instead of leaving the issue to mechanics with little or no skill of ignition switch, having a locksmith available to point out some of the faults and also offer the right solution to the problem.

How To Replace Your Ignition

  1. First, you have to remove or discard the steering column; to do this, you are advised to have the battery cable disconnected, and this is done by taking off the screws. To do this, you will need a screwdriver.
  2. The next thing to do is remove the wiring that connects to the ignition switch. It is vital that you do this carefully.
  3. You will have to examine or test the switch. To do this, you will need a test light. The test light is designed in such a way that it glows when the car key is placed in the start position.